How We Started

IKON was founded on 19th November 2014, and fully in operation since January 2015. The company was founded on the fundamental idea of developing critical and focused ICT expertise and skillsets. Realizing that emerging technologies, imploding issues of data integrity and security, disintegrated nodes of applications and lack of skilled resources had caused some of our customers to lose their competitive edges, IKON established ourselves as a focused Service Organization which distinct us from other typical system integrator.

Our principle and idea of 'Making IT Simpler' has helped our customers to reduce their technology burdens and costs related to it

IKON is aspired to become one of the nation leading ICT Service Provider by providing and delivering best of breed services with integrity and commitment to our customers’ successes as well as our own.

IKON strive to acquire the required knowledge & skillsets, equip our people with the right attitude & skills, identify & develop young talents; as well as providing best quality of services.

Company Activities

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